In addition to the services that iCeutica provides to pharmaceutical partners, iCeutica also utilizes the SoluMatrix™ Fine Particle Technology to develop new products that it actively develops itself and with collaborators.

iCeutica is advancing a pipeline of product candidates that address broad indications, including pain and inflammation, oncology, and respiratory diseases. Our products are poised for rapid success, due to quick and clear regulatory and commercial pathways, and are in areas of significant commercial opportunity and unmet need.

iCeutica has successfully worked in partnership with a number of companies including Iroko Pharmaceuticals (with NSAIDs) and Churchill Pharmaceuticals (with oncology agents) to develop and gain approval for a number of FDA approved medicines.

Pain & Inflammation

The SoluMatrix™ Fine Particle Technology can dramatically increase the speed-of-action of a pain drug, often at much lower doses than current dosages and with potentially fewer side effects than full-dose products.


Many orally-administered cancer drugs are not very soluble in water, which restricts the body's ability to absorb the drug. To overcome this problem, larger doses often need to be delivered in order to achieve a therapeutic dose, and this can result in highly-variable blood levels of the drug and unwanted side effects. The SoluMatrix™ Fine Particle Technology can be used to create improved cancer drugs with potentially enhanced properties, such as significantly reduced dose required to achieve a therapeutic level of the drug, reduced side effects and potentially improved efficacy.

Respiratory Disease

One of the key challenges to the development and commercialization of respiratory products is formulating inhalable medicines to achieve consistent and efficacious dosing. iCeutica has created a range of inhaled product candidates addressing asthma, COPD and allergic disease that are characterized by their consistent content uniformity, aerodynamic properties and nano-structured increased surface area.