Existing Partners

iCeutica has a unique technology that fuels new product development with broad therapeutic applications, offering multiple opportunities for licenses, collaborations and corporate growth.

iCeutica works with pharmaceutical partners to rapidly commercialize new products and is constantly developing new product ideas for internal development and partnering.


Iroko Pharmaceuticals exclusively licensed a number of iCeutica's SoluMatrix™ NSAID product candidates, which were designed to substantially reduce the dose of each product, but preserve the efficacy of this well known class of pain products. Each NSAID carries a black-box warning to take the lowest effective dose for the shortest period of time in light of the serious side effects of these products, so the Iroko formulations are the lowest effective dose.

Iroko has rapidly progressed these products through clinical trials, and the first three products -- Zorvolex™ (diclofenac) capsules, Tivorbex™ (indomethacin) and Vivlodex® (meloxicam) capsules -- have been recently approved by the FDA and launched in the USA and some other global markets.


Churchill Pharmaceuticals licensed SoluMatrix technology to develop a new and improved formulation of a well known prostate cancer product. This product is very poorly dissolved in the body and so exhibits very high variability such that many patients do not receive a consistent dose of this life saving drug. Churchill has developed the new oncology product through late stage patient trials and successfully improved the profile of the product.

Licensing and Collaboration

iCeutica seeks collaboration and out-licensing partners for its development products, usually at the completion of Phase 1 or Phase 2 trials. Partners should be able to contribute to the later-stage development and/or commercialization of the product with demonstrable expertise, and to maximize the exploitation of the product in the marketplace. iCeutica is happy to consider global and territory-based licensing deals.

Connecting with iCeutica


To discuss licensing or collaborating opportunities with iCeutica, or to arrange a meeting at any of the meetings or conferences listed below attended by iCeutica’s Business Development team in 2016, please contact:

Business Development and Licensing
Tel: +1 610 382 5622

Or please email your enquiry.


BioPharma America Partnering Conference
13-15 September, Boston

Bio Investor Forum
18-19 October, San Francisco

7-9 November, Cologne, Germany

13-17 November, Denver